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Young Carers

Welcome to Ghyllgrove Primary School's Young Carers page.


Who is a Young Carer?

Young carers are children and young adults under 18 years old who provide regular and on-going care to another person who is physically or mentally unwell, disabled or has other specific needs.


A young carer may;

  • care for a family member because of illness, disability or old age.
  • need to cook for their family.
  • help someone to take medication regularly.
  • look after brothers or sisters, by taking them to school, doing their laundry or cooking their meals.
  • translate or interpret for someone at home.


Many young people do not see themselves as carers and may not realise there is support available.


The effects of being a Young Carer


You have responsibilities at home that prevent you from spending time with your friends, or inviting them around your house.
You feel sad, angry, guilty or embarrassed about the help you give to anyone at home.
You feel upset that friends don’t have the same responsibilities.
You avoid telling anyone outside the family about your home situation.


In school support

Pupils can access support in the Blue room who are our 'Young Carers Operational Leads'.

Our 'SLT Young Carer Lead' is Mrs L Patmore.


Young Carer referrals

Families or young carers themselves can self-refer or a referral can be made by professionals.  If you think your child may be a young carer and would like to discuss further support please contact the school office on 01268 450067 and ask to speak to a member of the Blue room team.