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Ghyllgrove Community Primary School &Resource Base for Deaf Children

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The Early Years Foundation Stage

At Ghyllgrove Primary we aim to create a love for learning which the children will carry with them through their time at school and beyond. The EYFS team strive to give the children the best start to their education by putting their needs and interests first; laying the foundations in preparation for their learning journey with us at Ghyllgrove.


Our intent is to plan a curriculum that is well balanced and incorporates both adult and child led activities and opportunities. Together with quality first teaching and carefully planned continuous provision we strive to provide an environment both in and out of the classroom that evolves with the children and their interests.


As a team we aim to plan and implement a rich and engaging curriculum that meets the childrens needs and allows them to make good progress. Each day, play based and adult led learning is planned and carried out with a range of resources both in and out of the classroom which incorporate group work, open ended play and opportunities to challenge and inspire the children.


We will regularly assess the impact of our teaching and the learning taking place to ensure the children are moving forward and making a good rate of progress from their starting point at the beginning of the year. The impact of our planning and teaching will be seen in observations, conversations with the children, their written work and overall attitude towards learning. 

EYFS Yearly Overview