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Class 19

At the top of this page is a Learning at Home section. Within this section is a Projects file with details of what the children have been learning in class and ideas for activities you can complete whilst the school is closed. We will be updating this regularly so please keep checking for any changes or additions.

Hello Class 19!

We are so proud of how hard you have been working this term! Well done to all of you. I cannot believe this year is almost over and you be soon be moving on to your secondary schools. I still remember my first day of secondary school and I just know you will all have such an exciting time in year 7. I know some of you may be nervous, especially with what has been happening around us, but just know everyone is feeling the same! You will get the chance to discover new subjects and deepen your knowledge of subjects you already love. Be brave and enjoy the journey!


This is our last week of home learning - you have definitely earned a rest! We have new English and maths learning and for topic we are continuing our study of Rousseau. I hope you have enjoyed all the different pieces of learning we have completed and as always, make sure you send us anything you want to share! I look forward to seeing lots of you at the year 6 picnic in the final week. Stay safe!


Miss Zell, Buzz and Woody

Reimaging Basildon Competition

Class 19 - Year 6

Class Teacher: Miss Zell
Class Learning Assistant: Mrs Francis and Miss Coote

We are very excited to start the Spring term in Year 6 and look forward to all the fantastic work and intriguing topics that we will be discovering together. Here is a brief overview of what to expect in Class 19 this term.



Throughout this term we will be reading a very popular children’s book written by Anthony Horowitz. ‘Stormbreaker’ is the first in a series of exciting, action packed spy adventures, starring the main character Alex Rider. During our English lessons, we will explore the life of child spy Alex and use this information to create pieces of writing using up-levelled vocabulary and a variety of sentences types. 


In Maths this term, the children will be refining their written methods for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction as well as applying their skills to multi-step word problems. They will be deepening their understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages and exploring their equivalence. Many topics that the children will see for the first time include: algebra, volume and the properties of circles. We will continue to practice and improve the children’s arithmetic skills. This term will prepare your child for their upcoming SATS in May.

In classes 19 and 20 our topic will be, ‘A world without Wifi’. This is a history based topic where we will explore the changes in leisure and entertainment in the 20th century. After half term, we will deepen our scientific knowledge of electricity and light. In addition, we will use this knowledge to plan and create an electrical, moving toy in DT. In Art, we will study the artist David Hockney and will explore colour and various painting techniques through pop art. As we are trying to improve our ecological awareness, we will investigate renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and explore their environmental impact. Remind your child to do lots of research at home, as they know how keen I am to hear what they can find out!


It is really important that the children read daily. We will expect to see all Home School Diaries and reading books in school every day. The minimum requirement is that children read three times a week at home to an adult. There will be weekly rewards for those children achieving this. Home School Diaries will be collected every Wednesday. 



Our PE lessons are on MONDAYs and FRIDAYs but full PE kits need to be in school every day as we often have specialist coaches working with the school. We will be swimming in the second half of the Autumn term, every Wednesday afternoon. 


Homework will focus on supporting the learning taking place in the classroom in English and Maths. There will be a big focus on improving arithmetic and improving the children’s written grammar. Please help your child to learn their times tables including division facts. Homework will be set weekly on a Friday and collected in on a Tuesday.


We are using Times Table Rock Stars, a fantastic online resource, to develop our knowledge of multiplication and division facts. Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging online programme designed to help pupils master their times tables by playing the different games and answering different questions to improve their Rock speed and status. Also, the children will earn coins for correctly answered questions which they can use to improve and upgrade their Rock Star Avatar. You can continue boosting your Rock score at home by practising your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars. Just go to and use the login information inside your home school diary.


Parents - If there is ever anything that you would like to know about the curriculum (or a general question) please pop in to see us!


Miss Zell


Parent guide to supporting children with Maths at home

Year 6 - Curriculum Overview - Autumn