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Ghyllgrove Community Primary School &Resource Base for Deaf Children

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Resource Base for Deaf Children

Ghyllgrove Resource Base for Deaf Children is an enhanced provision that  provides specialist teaching in a relaxed, calm atmosphere for deaf children between the ages of 3 and 11.  

We provide opportunities for a curriculum, suited to the individual needs of each child, where they can achieve their full potential. 



Communication approaches in school include Sign-Supported English, British Sign Language and spoken English. The curriculum is taught through spoken English and signing and children are encouraged to use signing to communicate with each other alongside developing their spoken English.  All staff working in the Resource Base have, or are acquiring, qualifications in BSL. 

Many mainstream children learn some signing and all children can develop their signing skills by attending a lunchtime signing club. Some pupils have had the opportunity to take their Level 1 BSL exam in year 6. 



The Resource Base has its own rooms with two teaching areas which are used for individual or small group teaching. The rooms have good acoustics having been designed especially for the school.  

All the mainstream classrooms are carpeted with several of the rooms also having improved acoustics. The school halls and some classrooms throughout the school have soundfield systems. 

Radio-aids are available for the children to use where appropriate. 

All equipment used by the children, including their hearing aids and cochlear implants, is checked daily and is monitored by staff throughout the day. Children are encouraged to tell a member of staff immediately if there is a problem with their hearing aids or cochlear implants. Children are taught to maintain their own hearing aids or processors (under supervision from staff) once they are old enough.  


The Curriculum 

All children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum and this is achieved by providing a modified curriculum and support from specialist staff where appropriate so that each child can access all subjects. 



At Ghyllgrove the children are included in their mainstream class as often as possible. They have the opportunity to work and socialise with their hearing peers and they are supported in achieving this.  

The children have opportunities to work in the resource base in small groups either with other children from the resource base or with their hearing peers. There are also times when the children are withdrawn to work 1:1 with specialist staff. The staff includes a Teacher of Deaf and Learning Assistants for the Resource Base. The Resource Base is supported by a Speech and Language Therapist who works closely with the staff, developing individual programs for each child in order to develop their oral, listening and communication skills. A BSL instructor visits regularly to teach the children and to develop their signing skills. The school has links with the local audiology department and several of the cochlear implant teams. 


Home and school liaison

Each child has a home/school contact book which is used for parents and school staff to communicate. Contact is also made by phone calls and every term a meeting is held for parents to discuss their child’s progress. 


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