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Class 13

At the top of this page is a Learning at Home section. Within this section is a Projects file with details of what the children have been learning in class and ideas for activities you can complete whilst the school is closed. We will be updating this regularly so please keep checking for any changes or additions.


Happy Half Term Class 13!


I have to say I have really, REALLY enjoyed receiving all of your wonderful emails.  It has been great seeing all the hard work you are doing and hearing about what you have been up to. There has been loads of things happening in our class such as bike riding, baking, painting (including fence panels), caterpillars, kittens, birthdays (I am still waiting on my cake..) and so much more. Plus, I cannot forget to mention all the hard work I am seeing and stories I am reading. Class 13 I am so proud of the effort you are all putting in and I love hearing about it too during when I get the chance to speak with you during our phone calls.


Now this half term I want you to try to:

  • Brush your teeth with your opposite hand;
  • Write a thank you note to your Postman/woman;
  • Have a backwards day, does this mean you can have pudding for breakfast?;
  • Draw a picture of what you see outside your window;
  • Create your own Scavenger Hunt;
  • Try one of the science experiments on
  • And, most importantly have fun!


I am really looking forward to seeing or reading what you get up to this week                       so don’t forget to send in your emails.


Plus Miss White, Miss Element and Miss Bradley wanted you all to know they are thinking about you and wish you all a wonderful half term.


Stay safe,

           Mrs Killeen



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