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Class 13

At the top of this page is a Learning at Home section. Within this section is a Projects file with details of what the children have been learning in class and ideas for activities you can complete whilst the school is closed. We will be updating this regularly so please keep checking for any changes or additions.

Schools Out for Summer


 Hello to all my lovely pupils in Lucky Class 13!

I just wanted to say WELL DONE to all of you for working so hard these past few months and a big           THANK YOU to all your families for the support they have given both to you and the school.  


I know it has not been easy but you have all stuck by and tried your best and for that I am proud of you all. Now is the time to enjoy yourselves and have lots of ice cream, ice lollies, movies and more.


Stay safe and I will see you all in September.

Happy Holidays Class 13!!




Mrs Killeen, Miss White, Miss Element and Miss Bradley