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Class 2

At the top of this page is a Learning at Home section. Within this section is a Projects file with details of what the children have been learning in class and ideas for activities you can complete whilst the school is closed. We will be updating this regularly so please keep checking for any changes or additions.

Hello from Miss Mckeon πŸ₯°

Hello from Miss Mckeon πŸ₯° 1
Hello from Miss Mckeon πŸ₯° 2
Hello Class 2! I hope you are all ok and had a lovely week! 
I have had a very busy week making lots of phone calls to you all which has been lovely! It has been great to hear about all the wonderful things you have been up to. It was lovely to hear how hard you’ve all been working so well done to you all! I am so proud of each and every one of you! ☺️ The new learning page is just below this message, enjoy all the new activities! I would love to see the work you complete so please remember to upload your pictures to Twitter or email them to the teachers email address. I am missing you all very much and hope to see you all soon! 🌈 Please remember: I may not always be there with you, but I am always here for you 🌈 Take care and stay safe! Love from Miss Mckeon 😊

This week it is Mental Health Awareness Week. We want you to think about ways you can be kind and caring. For example; playing nicely and sharing with your brothers and sisters or helping mummy and daddy around the house. Below this message you will find some fun activities to complete. If you would like to show us your work, or tell us about your acts of kindness this week you can use the teachers email address - or upload your photos and messages to our school Twitter page - @Ghyllgrove. 

✨ Remember: In a world where you can be anything, be kind. ✨

Welcome to Class 2

Class Teacher: Miss Mckeon
Teaching Assistant: Miss Proctor

1:1 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Cousens and Miss Rose


Doors open at 8:40 and children must be in school by 8:50.

Children will now enter school and go home through their classroom door in the EYFS garden.



Our topic for the Summer Term is: 'Fantasy Island'.


Letters and Sounds

Sounds we have learnt so far:

Phase 2: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, e, u, r, h, b, f, l, ll

Phase 3: j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu


Words we have learnt so far:

Phase 2: a, as, in, is, an, as, it, on, dad, can, get, got, up, mum, not, into. the, to, go, big, but, if, of, off, dad, him, had, his

Phase 3: he, she, we, me, be, all

Phase 4:





      ** PE will be on Mondays**


Our daily routine

8.40-8.55- Register and Early morning work

9.00-9.15- Input

9.15-10.00- Child led learning

10.00- Assembly

10.15- Playtime

10.30- Letters and Sounds

11.00 - 11.15: Magical Maths

11.15-12.00- Child led learning

12.00-1.15- Lunch

1.15-1.40- Input

1.40-2.50- Child led learning

2.50- Story/ Show and tell

3.05- Home time


In the Reception there are three classes. Each class is set up to ensure that children learn through a play-based curriculum in which they are encouraged to learn through first-hand experiences and exploration. During play children's concepts, skills, attitudes and achievements are extended.


All children will have access to a small world area, writing area, investigation area, fine motor area, reading area, investigation area, role play, as well as access to daily literacy and numeracy activities. There is also access to an interactive whiteboard.


Items to have in school

Spare clothes- tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and underwear


PE kit- White/ red t-shirt, shorts and trainers/ plimsoles

Water bottle - plain water only please


Please ensure all clothing is clearly named. Thank you.



Homework is sent on a Wednesday and needs to be returned on a Monday. Our focus for this term will be on literacy. Please ensure you are writing in your child’s reading record when you read.


Activities to try at home

Practise reading and writing your high frequency words and tricky words  

Practise your letter/ number formations. 

Use money when buying something.

Find different 3d shapes around your house and describe them.

Use objects to double and halve up to 20.

Add and subtract to 20.

Count and order numbers to 20 and above.

Write simple sentences ensuring your child uses a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

Extend a sentence using ‘and’ or ‘because’.



If you have any problems, worries or just a general question please come and see us.


Many thanks

The EYFS Team

Parent guide to supporting children with Maths at home

What we will learn this week...

What we will learn this week... 1

Our first class picture - September 2019

Our first class picture - September 2019 1