School reopens after half term on Tuesday 25th February 2020.

Ghyllgrove Community Primary School &Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Children

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The Blueroom

Welcome to the Blueroom, home of Ghyllgrove Primary’s pastoral team. 


Our team has two Pastoral Mentors Mrs D. Hennessey & Miss S. White and a Family Support Worker Mrs L. Moore. 


Between us we have over 30 years' experience supporting Ghyllgrove pupils and their families. Our training includes safeguarding, Autism awareness, learning support, mental health, first aid, coaching, mentoring, zones of regulation, social thinking and play therapy. 


Our role is to provide support to our pupils while they are at school to ensure they are able to learn to their full potential and prepare them for life at secondary school and beyond. 


We have a small, comfortable room where pupils can come and talk to us if they have any worries. 

The most common issue we help children with is their friendships. That maybe they have fallen out with a friend or the dynamics of their friendship group have changed and they are struggling to adjust. These are all normal childhood issues and we support the pupils to find solutions. 


Sometimes we may need to address a behaviour issue with a child, this would include discussing consequences of their actions, restorative work which helps the child to see how their actions affect others and planning to avoid repeated behaviours. 


At Lunchtime we run the KS2 Lunch Club. Each year has a designated day and all children in the year group get the chance to attend, if they would like to. At Lunch Club there are a variety of toys and games available for the children to use. This is a great place for quiet play and to make new friends who enjoy the same interests. 


This year, for our amalgamation, we have introduced ‘Amazing Me’ into year 4. This is a wellbeing and emotional intervention that is being taught by different members of our team, and Miss Coote, in their classes during PSHE sessions. The children are enjoying the time using feeling journals and exploring how mental wellbeing can have a positive influence on their physical and daily lives. 


New pupils to our school will meet with a member of the Blueroom team to complete an Induction. This give us a chance to talk to them about their family and home life in addition to talking about how they are settling into Ghyllgrove. 


Pupils enjoy coming to show us work they are proud of and completing small activities such as reading or a social skills game with our support. 



Medical Conditions and Dietary Needs 

Care plans for asthma and other medical conditions are coordinated through the Blueroom team. Should your child be diagnosed with a new condition or you need to update a current care plan you should contact the school office on 01268 450067 and ask for; 

Mrs Moore if your child is in EYFS or KS1 

Mrs Hennessey if your child is in KS2 



At Ghyllgrove the target attendance is 96% and above. Whole school attendance is monitored monthly, with those whose attendance is a concern being monitored more frequently. It is always our aim to support the family to improve the attendance should it be under our target and would advise any parent/career who has a concern to contact the school office on 01268 450067 and ask for Miss White. 


Parenting and outside of school concerns 

There are a number of outside support agencies who can help you with concerns you may have with your child outside of school. Common concerns parents have are; sleeping, behaviour and attitude.  


Links to useful websites for support 


Emotional, Wellbeing and Mental Health Service 


Young Carers 


Family Solutions 


Children’s Social Care 


Families in Focus 


Parent’s 1st  


Virgin Care: Essex Child and Families Wellbeing Services, Family Hubs


If you are looking for other parenting support that is not listed here, then please contact a member of the team who will be happy to help you.