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Our role at Ghyllgrove Primary School is to provide a range of support to our pupils and families, to ensure they are able to learn to their full potential and prepare them for life at secondary school and beyond. 

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My name is Miss Ely, I am the autism ambassador at Ghyllgrove Primary School. I am part of the incredible pastoral team, I have the privilege of working closely with our amazing students and their families to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all. My focus is on understanding and embracing the unique perspective and needs of individuals on the autism spectrum. Whether it is providing guidance to teacher, organising autism-friendly activities, or offering a listening ear to parents. I’m here to ensure that every child feels valued. Together, let’s celebrate neurodiversity.


My name is Mrs Banks, I specialise in behaviour management and am part of our Pastoral Team here at Ghyllgrove Primary School. I have a passion for understanding and addressing the diverse behavioural needs of all of children, I am here to create a positive and inclusive learning environment for all. My expertise lies in identifying triggers, implementing effective strategies and providing tailored support to help our children thrive to their best ability. Whether its working one -on-one with children, collaborating with teachers , outside professionals or partnering with families. I am dedicated to fostering a harmonious atmosphere where everyone feels supported and empowered to reach their full potential. If you need guidance about behaviour related matters or just a friendly chat then I am here to lend a helping hand. Communication is key – let’s work together to create a positive and nurturing environment for every child.


am Mrs White the mental health lead at Ghyllgrove Primary. As part of the Pastoral team, I get to work closely with our amazing families, supporting them on their journey to emotional well-being. From checking in with young people to lending a listening ear to parents. I’m a great listener and communicator, this aids carrying out Drawing and Talking therapy which I am qualified to implement. I like to connect with the young people on a personal level and provide a safe space where they can freely express their worries and concerns. I am always here to lend an empathetic ear and offer the support that the children need to thrive. This involves promoting positive mental health awareness and organizing workshops so everyone has the access to relevant resources. As the Mental Health Lead, I work closely with teachers, parents and other professionals to develop awesome strategies that promotes positive well-being. I am all about breaking down barriers and making mental health a topic we can all openly talk about. I am on a mission to equip our children with the tools and knowledge to take care of their mental well-being.


I am Mrs King and I am a member of our dedicated pastoral team here at Ghyllgrove Primary School. I play a vital role in emphasising the importance of attendance and ensuring that every student has the opportunity to thrive academically and socially. I work closely with students, families and staff to promote a culture of regular attendance and punctuality. Consistent school attendance is not just about meeting requirements, it also sets the foundation for a successful educational journey. I am here to offer support and address any attendance related concerns you may have. Together let’s prioritise attendance and create a positive and engaging school experience for all.


My name is Mrs Hargreaves, I am a play practitioner and draw and talk therapist at Ghyllgrove School. I am committed to supporting our school community and an advocate for the well being of every young person and their family. I am passionate about creating creative, therapeutic  play sessions which foster an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. 


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