School reopens after half term on Tuesday 25th February 2020.

Ghyllgrove Community Primary School &Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Children

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Meet our Governing Body

Governing Body Statement


The role of the Governing Body is to help the Head Teacher, to ensure that all our children are happy, safe and have the opportunity to be the best they can.


We are responsible for all aspects of the School from agreeing the curriculum to how the money is spent right down to ensuring there is enough paper and pencils.


One of our roles is to act as a critical friend to the school to ensure that standards and achievements of the children and that of the teaching continues to be constantly improving.


At this time we have a number of vacancies on the Governing Body. To join us you need no particular skills just an interest in seeing our children are given the best possible start to their education. The vacancies are open to any parent, carer, grandparent or anybody from our local community. We supply a full range of induction training which is fully funded by us.


If you feel you would like to join us or ask any more questions I can be contacted via the school office or they will tell you when I am next in School.



List of Governing Body Members


Mr C. Moloney


Vice Chairperson

Mr K. Howard


Mr D. Bocock
Miss E. Cox

Teacher Governor
Miss J. Robinson


Associate Governor

Mrs R. Tidiman


Mrs J. Gibbon


Parent Governors
Ms T. Beamish