Ghyllgrove Community Primary School &Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Children

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If your child stays in school during the lunchtime, then they will be supervised by one of our Midday Assistant team, headed by a Senior Midday Supervisor. If your child goes home for lunch, they should not return before 1.05 p.m. for safety reasons.


School Dinners

If you are paying for school dinners could you please send the money in on a Monday morning, in a sealed envelope with your child's name and class, and the amount inside, clearly marked on the outside. Even if you want a meal on one or two days in the week, it saves us valuable teaching time if it is done on one morning only.

Healthy snacks can be purchased from the kitchen at playtime each day.

Our school dinners meet the required nutritional target set by the Government.


Packed Lunch

Please ensure that your child's lunch is packed safely in a lunch box marked clearly with their name and class. If you wish to send a drink in the boxes could you please ensure that they are not hot liquids, cans of fizzy drinks or anything in a breakable container.

We are a health promoting school, so please no sweets are permitted in school. Chocolate covered biscuits may be included in packed lunches.