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End of Key Stage 2 Assessments

When your child is approximately 11 years old we are required by law to test his/her ability in Reading, Grammer, Punctuation, Spelling and Maths. Your child will carry out these tests in May of his/her last year with us. They will also be teacher assessed in Writing and Science. You will be informed of your child's results in July before they leave to attend secondary school. The results will also be sent to your child's new school.


The average child in year 6 will be expected to achieve Level 4. No allowance is made for the child's age at taking the tests.

Your child will also take tests at the end of each year as this will inform us of his/her progress leading up to the final year 6 SAT's.


Teachers make continuous assessments of your child's progress in all aspects of the curriculum. These assessments inform the teachers what your child should leam next. These assessments are also very important in their final assessment and are called Teacher Assessments.