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Curriculum (Under Construction)



At Ghyllgrove Primary School we follow the National curriculum for English. This is achieved through a daily lesson involving whole class, group and individual work as well as other lessons covering phonics, reading and handwriting.




A wide variety of literature is studied and the children are encouraged to develop their creativity through a range of writing styles. Punctuation and grammar teaching form an integral part of the English teaching.




We follow the Penpals Handwriting Scheme which encourages the development of a clear handwriting style.


Reading and Phonics

The teaching of reading takes place through the structured teaching of phonics. Phonics lessons are taught using the Letters and Sounds Programme of study as well as Jolly Phonics in EYFS and KS1.

Bug Club is used to support the teaching of phonics and promotes reading comprehension at school and home. Children are allocated e-books and are encouraged to read and answer the questions.

In Key stage one guided reading forms one lesson in the Literacy lesson . It gives children the opportunity to learn the mechanics and understanding of reading. Children also complete comprehension questions based on the text read.

We use a range of reading schemes which have been levelled to provide continuity and progression in reading skills and challenge. In the Foundation Stage we follow the Early Learning Goals and work for all children is appropriately challenging.Banded book colours books are sent home and are changed weekly. Children receive a certificate once they move colour bands and this is recorded in the home school diary.

As a School we encourage Parents to read 3 times a week and record this in the home school diary. In School the number of times children read that week is totalled up and then certificates are given out for every 25 times the children read. This is then displayed in the individual classes.


  • The teaching of reading takes place through weekly guided reading lessons which teach explicit reading and comprehension skills.
  • The school uses reading books that are banded by colour, in accordance to the child’s reading age and understanding of the texts, which the children take home.
  • A wide variety of literature is studied within English lessons and across the curriculum.  Within each year group books form the basis of English planning which encourage the children to develop their creativity through a range of writing styles.
  • Children learn key writing skills in each year group and have a clear idea of the skills they will need to include in their writing each term and by the end of the year.
  • Speaking and listening activities are used to help structure children’s ideas before writing and to build confidence in these areas.
  • Punctuation and grammar teaching form an integral part of the English teaching and basic skills sessions are used to practise and embed these key skills.
Children practise spellings through a range of activities in class throughout the week as well as taking weekly spellings home to practise each week



Statement of intent



Statement of intent


Yearly Overviews

The Yearly overviews are accessible below - they give an outline of the content of our school curriculum in each academic year for every subject.

Termly Overviews

The termly overviews are accessible below - they give a more detailed look at the curriculum coverage; within each academic year; for every subject taught in the current term. These can also be found on your child's class page.

Outdoor Learning Opportunities


More information

More information is available about English, Maths and Topic coverage in the curriculum letter that is sent home at the start of every term. Alternatively, this can be found on your child's class pages or a copy can be obtained via the school website or school office.


If you require any further information about your child's curriculum, our class teachers are happy to help you, or please contact the school office.